Develop a working relationship with insurance companies to assist in reducing child support debt

Business Problem/Opportunity: AB 2802 requires insurance companies to cooperate with California Child Support Services to identify and report claimants who owe past-due child support, and to match payees who owe child support debt.

Current Status:  88% completed 

Business Outcomes:

  • Streamline processes to reduce child support debt
  • Work collaboratively with insurance companies to ensure compliance with legislation

Critical Success Factors: California Child Support Services and insurance companies build partnership to reduce child support debt, and ensure cooperation from insurance companies and communicate to insurance companies about mandatory changes

  • Progress: Collaborate With Insurance Companies 88% 88%

Fatherhood Initiatives & Fatherhood Council

Business Problem/Opportunity: Build lasting and strong collaborative partnerships with fatherhood programs and family focused nonprofits in the hopes of promoting interactions with fathers and ultimately improving the outcomes for the family as a whole

Current Status: 75% completed 

Business Outcomes:

  • Establish a Fatherhood Council comprised of non-profit and government stakeholders
  • Create a digital hub to connect fathers with needed services

Critical Success Factors: Fathers, providers, and partner organizations find effective use in the digital hub. Wide array of representation in an established Fatherhood Council

  • Progress: Fatherhood Initiatives & Fatherhood Council 75% 75%