Develop and Implement New Options for Communicating with Customers


Increase communication methods to provide diverse options for engagement and make it easier for participants navigating the child support program

Business Problem/Opportunity: The Review and Adjustment process is a critical juncture in case management where the goal is to obtain an order that is appropriate for the parties based on their accurately reported financial circumstances, ensure compliance with the order, and obtain timely support for families. The exchange of documents between the participants and the local child support agency is time sensitive to ensure child support professionals operate within mandated timeframes. The current process is cumbersome, requiring the parties to submit, often multiple times, extensive income, asset and expense information via the exchange of paper documents.

Current Status: 75% completed 

Business Outcomes:

  • Increase customer satisfaction and ease in providing information related to the modification process
  • More timely information received from participants about current circumstances
  • Decrease printing and postage costs

Critical Success Factors: Decrease in the length of time for the return of Review and Adjustment documents, decrease in timeline for review of Review and Adjustment documents, and improve customer service

  • Progress: e-Review and Adjustment 75% 75%

Electronic Solution for Parentage Opportunity Program (POP) Declarations

Business Problem/Opportunity: POP offers eligible parents the opportunity to establish a legal parent-child relationship free of charge by signing and filing a Voluntary Declaration of Parentage. POP’s manual process should be evaluated for an electronic solution.  

Current Status: Blue open circle 0% completed

Business Outcomes: 

  • Develop and implement automated options for POP that include: online access for eligible parents to complete and review declarations, real-time validation to mitigate errors, online witnessing, electronic signatures, and electronic data submissions

Critical Success Factors: Number of days from sign to file, Error rate, Total declarations filed

  • Progress: Electronic Solution for POP 0% 0%

Proper training will ensure that child support workers adopt a family centered approach improving the efficacy of the Child Support Program

Business Problem/Opportunity: Identified need to train child support professionals in the principles of Trauma Informed Care and Customer Service to help build relationships of trust with customers. We have found that customers are more willing to engage, participate and share information when they feel they can trust our organization and our case workers.

Current Status: 3% completed

Business Outcomes: 

  • Design and deliver a more focused training to child support professionals, providing them with tools and strategies to better support our customers by using emotional intelligence and trauma informed care concepts 

Critical Success Factors: Successful design, delivery and attendance at training

  • Progress: Develop a Series of Trauma Informed Trainings 3% 3%

Deliver the Customer Connect platform in the Spanish Language

Business Problem/Opportunity: Customer Connect, a platform that customers use to manage various aspects of their child support case, is currently only available in English. Meanwhile, the Spanish language version of the Customer Connect user guide is the sixth most downloaded publication in the California Child Support Services library of publications.

Current Status: 26% completed

Business Outcomes: 

  • Spanish version of Customer Connect available to customers

Critical Success Factors: Spanish version of Customer Connect available to customers

  • Progress: Create a Spanish Customer Connect 26% 26%