Modernize the Development and Delivery of Documents


Accessibility Program

Business Problem/Opportunity: The department continues to meet the goals of accessibility to be fully ADA compliant for employees, internal and external documents, and websites. When expanding access to DCSS online services ensure DCSS continues to meet legal, regulatory and policy requirements for ADA compliance.

Current Status: 8% completed 

Business Outcomes:

  • Continue to invest in resources and tools for DCSS employees to be successful at document and website remediation to maintain ADA compliance
  • Reduce reported inquiries from the public on potential ADA out of compliance issues

Critical Success Factors: Total number of accessibility errors on public domains

  • Progress: Accessibility Program 8% 8%

Promulgate revised Uniform Interstate Family Support Act 2008 regulations

Business Problem/Opportunity: Put law into effect and widely promote revised Uniform Interstate Family Support Act 2008 regulations.

Current Status: 90% completed 

Business Outcomes:

  • Ensure California is in compliance with federal mandate to enact the Uniform Interstate Family Support Act 2008

Critical Success Factors: Through training, local child support agencies are prepared for case handling under changed law

  • Progress: Interstate Case Management Revised Regulations 90% 90%

Develop process for local child support agencies to use electronic service of documents

Business Problem/Opportunity: Per legislative mandate, local child support agencies are required to accept and serve legal documents electronically. Child Support Enforcement system enhancements are needed to comply with this mandate.

Current Status: 17% completed

Business Outcomes: 

  • Development of uniform processes for local child support agencies for electronic service of documents
  • Addition of documents into Child Support Enforcement
  • Child Support Enforcement system enhancements related to e-Service

Critical Success Factors: Increase in the number of local child support agencies using e-process, and increase in the number of e-Service documents

  • Progress: e-Service of Legal Documents 17% 17%

Through the development and implementation of a clear, comprehensive electronic forms strategy, California Child Support Services will be capable of determining its approach to the development of electronic forms regardless of the technical tools that it employs

Business Problem/Opportunity: Current development of electronic forms, workflows and electronic signature capable documents is currently achieved via multiple business and technology teams that essentially process requests on a first come, first served basis without an overarching strategy as to where development best aligns.

Current Status: 52% completed

Business Outcomes: 

  • A plan for electronic forms which would show our stakeholders when we would use a certain form
  • A plan for helping customers find partner electronic solutions
  • A plan for electronic forms and Child Support Enforcement integration

Critical Success Factors: A plan for electronic forms which would show our stakeholders when we would use a certain form, for helping customers find partner electronic solutions, and for electronic forms and Child Support Enforcement integration

  • Progress: Create and Implement a Vision for e-Forms and e-Signature 52% 52%

Customer Connect Forms Optimization

Business Problem/Opportunity: The department is taking incremental steps to ensure documents and processes complement the future vision of the child support program for California. A handful of selected forms should be reimagined to better align with this new direction.

Current Status: Small green dots increasing in size and forming a circle 20% completed 

Business Outcomes:

  • New Behavioral Economics Letters being offered
  • All documents should be available electronically for customers on Customer Connect

Critical Success Factors: Addition of Behavioral Economics documents being offered by the department

  • Progress: Customer Connect Forms Optimization 20% 20%

Child Support Enforcement Forms Optimization

Business Problem/Opportunity: When CSE was created, printing parameters were created to ensure paper documents were formatted properly for court use. DCSS generates other paper documents that should be reviewed to ensure DCSS is offering even more electronic service delivery. There exists an opportunity to decrease our paper usage by evaluating documents for electronic service delivery.

Current Status: 50% completed 

Business Outcomes:

  • A reduction of pieces of paper a customer needs to review to get the information they need

Critical Success Factors: An evaluation of the amount of documents printed and sent to customers

  • Progress: Child Support Enforcement Forms Optimization 50% 50%

2021 Expedite Document Creation - CLOSED

Explore the ability to create documents more efficiently and integrate e-delivery, e-signature, and interactive forms.

Business Problem/Opportunity: Add electronic signature of documents signed by opposing parties, such as stipulations, to Child Support Enforcement system. Develop process to fully utilize the DocuSign software.

Current Status: Gray circle crossed out Closed

Business Outcomes:

  • Expand the electronic delivery of documents to stakeholders, interface partners, and participants
  • Leverage existing DocuSign envelope capacity to enhance the child support enforcement program participant experience by decreasing the burden and time commitment to establish or modify an order

Critical Success Factors: Allow all counties with electronic filing capability to e-file documents to shorten timeframe of establishing and modifying child support orders. Create forms to reduce errors, save time, and to pursue electronic signature for customer facing documents. Go paperless except for legal documents and allow all participants to opt-in with email only